Galvanized Steel Stands

Stands made of galvanized steel, of very high resistance, which once assembled offer the same benefits as a construction stand, but with the advantage that it can be disassembled as many times as desired to either store it or change its location.

Our stands are designed and manufactured following the EN 13200-6 standard, certified by our engineers and by the ITA (Aragon Technological Institute, approved by the Ministry of Industry) as evidenced by report 2300_I150025.

This translates into a guarantee of resistance, load behavior, not having gaps through which objects or people can fall or having non-scalable vertical rails, among many other things.

The stands are fully customizable:

- Possibility of back or side closures with advertising made by sublimation. By closing the stands, this area can be enabled for storage.

- Possibility of creating front and rear corridors, VIP areas ...

- Possibility of making elevated stands.

–        Possibility of different models of seats: With backrest, without backrest, wooden, folding, etc.