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New telescopic tribunes in Amposta (Spain)

Amposta already has new sports facilities equipped by Decan Sports, both the telescopic bleachers throughout the sport hall, finished in white by architecture prescription, as well as all the ceiling and wall basketball goals, curtains, goals, volley posts ...

Thank you once again for trusting Decan Sports !!


Soccer is also played north of the Polar Circle

The Norwegian football club Bodø/Glimt got new customized players benches from DECAN SPORTS EQUIPMENT before the start of this season. The town of Bodø lies north of the Arctic Circle, and the two-row VIP benches for the club have been designed to withstand the harsh climatic conditions of northern Norway. The self-supporting structure of the benches are able to withstand up to 450 kg / m2 of snow (!).

Bodø/Glimt have started the season in a spectacular manner: Since the reception of the VIP benches, the team have not lost one single game. The season is already half played in Norway, and the historic numbers are receiving attention also from outside the country borders: 14 win and 2 draw in 16 matches and with a convincing goal difference of 56-18. With 44 points from a possible 48 Bodø/Glimt are leaving the second placed defending champions Molde 10 points behind. Impressive.


New Sport Hall in Zarautz

Zarautz (Spain) already has new sports facilities produced by Decan Sports.

In this case, it is a complete installation, with 5 telescopic stands with capacity for 500 spectators, multi-tube basketball goals, monotube basketball goals, dividing curtains, handball goals, volleyball posts, protection nets ...

The equipment has been made according to the specifications of the end customer.


Raised tribunes with storage system

 Decan demountable  stands are multifunctional, and here they are an example: 

 - 100 m2 warehouse to store all kinds of stuff 

- Smooth surfaces of the highest quality made of galvanized steel, easy to clean, so that no "bug" scares you

- Capacity of 212 people in normal conditions, 106 in special situations of separation.

- 4 Shortcuts (avoids crowds) 

- 38m, 3 rows and a 1m raised front aisle so you don´t miss a detail of what is happening in the field


Do you want to update your installation? Ask Decan for a quote and you will be surprised


Fixed tribunes with cover in Aljaraque (Spain)

The Huelva population of Aljaraque already has, since last month, a new grandstand with roof.

Hopefully soon they can make use of it and enjoy many hours of sport from them.

The tribunes are made according to EN 13200-6 standard, with a total length of 22.5m, 4 rows and entirely made of galvanized steel. PVC seats with backrest.


Thank you very much for trusting Decan Sports !!


Bi tube ceiling basketball goals in María de Huerva (Spain)

At Decan Sports we not only manufacture tribunes, we are also specialists in ceiling basketball goals.

In this case, it is about two-tube ceiling basketball goals, with basket minibasket adapters, flexible competition rings and 30mm methacrylate boards, which the City of María de Huerva has asked Decan Sports to suit their needs.

Our basketball goals are manufactured according to  EN 1270 European standard, making the corresponding structural calculations for each installation, a guarantee of safety for all our customers.


To rent or to buy new tribunes

Clients sometimes ask us about the possibility of renting our tribunes. Fair question, but does it really make sense economically?

La Puebla de Alfinden a town near Zaragoza (Spain) did an economical study and...surprise!.

With the money they spent in one year renting, they could buy a brand new tribune . These are the photos of the result.

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Tribunes for the Zaragoza Military Air Base

Decan Sports has once again set the bar very high with its removable bleachers, and this time it is the Zaragoza Air Base, where has been installed 30 m and 8 row bleachers, with a front aisle.

From these stands our head of state, high command, family, etc will see the swearing-in ceremony  of pilots and air army personnel ... a great pride for our company.

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New Intelligent tribune in Norway

The amazing Kjolnes Arena in the city of Porsgrunn in Norway has already new telescopic bleachers from Decan Sports. In this case, a  bleacher according to the dimensions of the room, since this pavilion has 2796 m2 of surface.

The installed tribune of 30 m and 11 rows with the Decan´s intelligent system, that allows full control of the whole unit, is finished with Oak wood benches.

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FSB 2019

Decan participated as an exhibitor also at the 2019 edition of the FSB International Trade Fair in Köln, Germany. This Trade Fair for Amenity Areas, Sports and Pool Facilities takes place every two years. It was celebrated from the 5th to the 8th of November this year.

As in previous editions, we had the pleasure of receiving a high number of clients and visitors from a large number of countries. We hope the visit to our stand with Seating Solutions and Sports Equipment was pleasant and useful for each and every of our valued guest. 

We would like to thank everyone who visited our stand and otherwise contributed to make this exhibition a great success for us.


New demountable tribune at Aqualon Shopping Center in Huelva (Spain)

At the Aqualon Shopping Center in Huelva they are already enjoying a new Decan fixed tribune, in this case without seats.

It has been designed by its architect in this way, who has choosed for a very minimalist and functional design, almost so that it goes unnoticed in its surroundings.

Of course, it is essential that it complies with the regulations and therefore does not have gaps greater than 120mm.

The stands are used in concerts that take place in the entertainment area and have a capacity of 173 spectators.



Since January of this year, Decan has been promoting the new Maya seat at a symbolic price, and there have already been many customers who have been able to "enjoy" it, literally. The new seat "collects" the lumbar area in such a way that the seated hours are passed without the least discomfort, and the greater space for the feet that provides its back area makes it increase even more this sensation. Ask the users of these tribunes in La Solana (Ciudad Real) (Spain).



Since January of this year, all our customers are already enjoying better qualities, finishes and prices in many of our products.

We have incorporated as standard in all our galvanized in cold parts, the quality Z275, which has double the layer of galvanized that the Z140 used so far, which gives all parts a shine and finish very similar to stainless steel, and a greater durability, which makes it very appropriate for extremely humid climates such as those of this tribune already installed with the new finishes in Ireland.



These are one of those times when you really feel proud to belong to the Decan Sports team. No one else in the market has been able to solve the difficult engineering challenge ... and here is the result. 14m of monotube basketball goal hanging directly on the top and allowing once folded to have the full height of the sport hall.




New demountable tribunes for Spanish football clubs

With the arrival of good weather, many sport clubs are encouraged to install fixed / removable tribunes in their playing fields. But, what it´s the reason why every day more an more clubs are considering this option?: quality / price ratio, quick and clean installation 

 A galvanized steel structure that will give you many satisfactions during lots of years!

Still waiting for a quotation?


A very special Project

This is a new special Project for Decan, a fixed tribune for a Dog Kennel. Customized in almost everything:

-Type of floor: Non inflamable Wood, finish in non inflamable PVC

-Design: Last row wider with a front hand rail and front aisle.

-Side closing: Metal plates 

-Colour of all structure: Client´s choice

-Seats: Non inflamable PVC, color by client´s choice, 2 colours

Do you dare with more stuff?  Put Decan to the test

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Telescopic tribune with intelligent system in Spain

The one who tries it ..., repeats.

Who can give the peace of mind that the tribune will always open and close correctly? Decan Sports.

And this client knows it twice. They already had one and now they have wanted to repeat the experience.

Only Decan manufactures his grandstands with an intelligent system, don´t you buy a pig in a poke!


Engineering at the service of sport!


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Telescopic tribune with intelligent system

The Nordic countries continue betting on the Intelligent Control System of DECAN.

The reliability, accuracy and versatility of movement control and safety make this system unique in the world of telescopic bleachers.

Its easy operation allows you to choose the number of rows you want to use with a single click.

In the 8.3m of slipway exit, the system detects and corrects 1mm displacement errors, ensuring that the output of each of the rows or the entire tribune is accurate.

Thanks to everyone who has collaborated on this project!!


New demountable stand in an important Spanish soccer club.

Once again Decan has installed its demountable stand in an important football field of the Spanish league.

In this case, 4 stands of 22 m long and 4 rows, with capacity for 700 spectators, and with a cover that protects people from the sun or bad weather.

In this way, the club has been able to have some extra seats, in a record time, without works, and with all the security provided by Decan´s stands, one of the few manufacturers in the world that have their bleachers certified according to the EN 13200-6: 2013 standards by an independent laboratory.


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EN 13200-6 for demountable stands

Why do some manufacturers still produce stands with serious safety problems in private and public facilities? The EN13200-6 standard is crystal clear in point 5.6: There can be no gaps in the stands of more than 120mm. 

Who have not seen a stand of these characteristic with gaps of more than 120mm? It is common sense that these gaps should not exist. If they do exist dangerous situation could occur: a child could fall through them, you could get a foot stuck inside, large objects  could fall through them ... Many manufacturers make reference to the EN 13200-1 standard that regulates the vision of the spectators ... but they "forget" about more important things like Eurocode 1 when calculating the overloads that these structures must support or the actions of  wind, all well specified also in the EN 13200-6 standard.

This standard doesn´t  refer to the quality ISO 9001 or  environmental ISO 14001 standards, , which although they add a bonus to the final quality, have nothing to do with the correct design of the final products.


Telescopic tribune installed in Hungary

Decan installs in Hungary  a 20m, 5 row telescopic tribune, with a capacity for 200 people.

The customer has decided to put his trust in Decan tribunes with our intelligent system, ensuring that the stand always open and closes straight.

The low weight of our stand has been another positive factor backing up the choice, as the stand moves on a wooden sports floor.

Another detail that our client has valued, is the extra space that Decan bleachers leave to put your feet under the seat, something that is appreciated at the time of sitting down or circulating in the corridors.

The stand has been designed so that it can advance completely out of the niche when it is opened, and completely folded under the niche when it is closed.

Rear rails have been designed to close the gap when bleacher is open.

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Telescopic bleacher in multifunctional facility

Decan has again produced a telescopic tribune for a multifunctional space.

In this case it is a municipality multi functional hall with a tribune of 107 seats, 8 rows, manual opening and closing, where they celebrate from the end of the school party to musical performances, theater, exhibitions ... and the thing is that the versatility that gives a telescopic grandstand to a room is huge ... Do you dare to give a new use to your facility?

Get in contact with us!.

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New telecopic tribune in Dubai, with our intelligent system

Once again, Decan has installed a telescopic tribune in Dubai, where they already know in advance the virtues and advantages of our "intelligent system". In this case we are talking about two bleachers, one of 22m and 5 rows and another of 18m and 5 rows, with a total capacity of 354 spectators, totally customized, since all the chosen wooden floors, PVC terminations of the floor and the plastic seats have been treated with fire retardants.

The tribune allows, from its touch screen, the opening or closing of the rows independently, thanks to the intelligent control system, making this operation without crossing.

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100m long team shelter?

With the Decan team shelter system, you can order anything you wish, from a 1m bench up to a 100m bench. With its modular assembly system you just have to ask for it, we will serve it in a few days. Here we leave you the photos of a client who asked for a 8m team shelter (16 players). Do you dare to ask  for a bigger one?


And like team shelters, we manufacture our tribunes in easy-to-assemble modules, from 1m up to 1000m. 

This customer prefered length  to width, but you  know we can do whatever  you want ... Ask for your budget and you will be surprised.

More information in our blog!!

New intelligent telescopic bleacher in Spain

Once again, Decan installs a new telescopic bleacher with intelligent control system in Spain. This bleacher is 25 m long, with 8 rows and a capacity of 360 spectators.

By choosing a bleacher with intelligent control system the user can via the touch screen decide on the number of rows he wants to open, and the system will automatically carry this out.

This flexibility allows the user to adjust the number of seats according to the needed capacity for each event, or to free the space which is needed to carry out the different activities - until the bleacher is completely retracted at only 1.2m.

With a single touch on the screen all the parameters of the bleacher are shown and completely controlled, including the correct opening and closing of the rows which is verified and controlled through the intelligent system. Thanks to the intelligent operation system from Decan and the smoothly running and functioning of the bleacher, without the “typical” noises and frictions that might be experienced with this type of products, our customer will enjoy the bleachers for many years to come.

To our valued client: Thank you for the trust given to DECAN !!

More information in our blog!

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Decan has installed new telescopic bleachers for a Spanish Basketball Club to increase the capacity of the sport hall.

The club playing in the top division at regional level, has solved its capacity problem through installing 3 telescopic bleachers of 6 m and 6 rows. The bleachers are motorized with spectator access from the top.

Given the restricted dimensions of the facilities, the entire front of the bleachers have been covered with padding protections, ensuring the cross-sections pitches to be used safely.

At the same time, the existing concrete stands have been equipped with plastic seats, and new basketball goals have been installed for the main playing area. The club chose Decan “bi-tube” ceiling suspended basketball goals for this purpose.



Spectator stand solutions from Decan have been installed for several international Top Division football clubs the last few years. Following the success and positive response from the users, this year yet another European Top Division team turned to a Decan stand solution to solve their capacity problem on their stadium.

In this case the football club opted for a stand prepared for standing spectators. It is 50m long, with 15 rows, giving it a current capacity of 1400 spectators. 

The stand is made entirely of galvanized steel, is equipped with 3 rear entrances and comes with anti-avalanche railings following corresponding normative.

When the football team is competing in European/International tournaments, the spectators are required to be seated. This can be easily solved as the design allows the stand currently used for standing spectators to be converted partly or entirely in a stand for seated spectators.

This together with its modular design gives the possibility for the stand to be extended or if needed moved and reinstalled at a different location, maintaining the options of preparation for seated or standing spectators in its entirety or in parts.

The above description of design along with the proven track record and overall strength and quality of the spectator stand solutions from Decan should justify this client’s choice and trust in us.

Thank you and good luck in the competition.


FSB 2017

Decan participated as an exhibitor also at the 2017 edition of FSB International Trade Fair in Köln, Germany, this time celebrated from the 7th to the 10th of November.

The Trade Fair for Amenity Areas, Sports and Pool Facilities takes place every two years.

We had the pleasure of receiving a high number of clients and visitors from a large number of countries, and hope the visit to our stand with Seating Solutions and Sports Equipment was pleasant and useful for each and every of our valued guest. 

We would like to thank everyone who visited our booth and otherwise contributed to make this exhibition a great success for us.




The design and use of “Multipurpose spaces” are getting increasingly popular due to the provided versatility. 

When a multipurpose space has to be converted from a hall into a theatre in a question of minutes, the solutions are not always easy to find.

The right combination and levels of finishes, practical details and aesthetics are very important in order to achieve the desired result in these environments; Combining the practicality and simplicity that a client and end user seeks with the search for an integrated and warm environment proposed by an architect may be challenging.

DECAN has recently been in charge of the provision of solutions for one of these environments, and in view of the images, the result has been very satisfactory.

Through the combination of a motorized telescopic bleacher and the installation of railing systems for displacement of seats below the stage, the aim is successfully achieved: An open and cleared space for the performance of different activities, including gymnastics, is in a few minutes elegantly converted into a full size theater.

It should be noted that the railing system for the seats is equipped with a system that automatically places the floor in its position between the seats when the seat rows are extended/opened.

We would like to thank our client for the trust put in our company, and encourage everyone with this type of project to keep DECAN and our solutions in mind. 



This summer; Watching football from under the shade.

New fixed spectator stands from Decan have already been officially opened in Spain.

The two stands are 17 m long and have got 4 seating rows.
The entire stand is made of galvanized steel and is equipped with lowback plastic seats in different colours that forms patterns inspired by the shield of the town.
From here the spectators will enjoy football from a cooler spot this summer, due to the well appreciated shade from the integrated sun and rain cover.

Customized telescopic bleacher

Decan Seating Solutions has supplied and installed a new motorized telescopic bleacher.

This retractable tribune is 9,2m long, 2,6m high, has got 9 rows and a total capacity of 146 spectators. 

It is fully customized to the taste and needs of the client:

- Specially height adapted wooden seats, with oak finish in the same tone as other furniture.

- Grey colored bleacher structure, RAL specifically chosen by the client.

- Linoleum flooring, in grey tone to match.

- Side closure made of black wool fabric.

- Specially designed hand rails; Straight, grey colored, detachable, non telescopic as per client request.

The telescopic bleacher is fitted in a niche with only 2cm clearance, so it is really impressive to see how it does not deviate even a single centimeter out of its trajectory.


New demountable bleacher

Decan Sports Equipment have supplied a new demountable stand for a school sports hall. The tribune is entirely galvanized and has got a capacity of 82 spectators. The sports hall was intended to be equipped with a fixed stand solution as the available space permitted this, and the stands from Decan was an obvious choice; No other stand or seating solution can be found in the market with this degree of robustness, quality and finish, and in addition certified by an independent laboratory.

Further to this; If our client would need to celebrate an event that needs more space, use the stand outside, or if any other similar situation should arise, the stand can be easily demounted and stored - or moved to a different location..... Isn´t this a luxury?


Customized team shelters

Decan Sports Equipment have supplied yet another customized team shelter for an important football team in Spain. In this case our “standard” 12 seat team shelter has been used as a base, but it has been partly customized following the clients proposal: The sides are made of Poly carbonate while the rear has been equipped with protective metal sheets. The entire structure and metal parts are galvanized.

The result; A great, user-friendly team shelter perfectly adapted to the client’s needs. This is also one of the general key features of the products from Decan Sports Equipment; Well engineered and designed sports equipment which can also be delivered with a high level of personalization, if this should be required. 


New telescopic tribune in Denmark

Decan Sports Equipment has set a new milestone in terms of design and manufacture of telescopic tribunes, in this case for a theatre.

The installation has been carried out at a prestigious school in Denmark that congregates students of 70 different nationalities.

The design and integration in the theatre has achieved to keep up with an innovative and environmentally sustainable architecture with the installation of individually oriented solar panels on all the walls, which make of this building a point of reference.

The telescopic tribunes installed have posed a challenge themselves, not only because of the integration but also because of their versatility.

Equipped with an intelligent  control system, the tribunes not only allow the opening and row management independently. They also allow the selection of the specific folding seats that are to be used through the control screen, with a simple click.

The whole system is electrically powered through a simple 220v socket, which implies an economic advantage in line with the executed installation.

Mobile telescopic tribunes have also been set up for their use in different spaces of the school (classrooms, sports halls, etc.)

Congratulations to all the participants in this project.!


Decan Sports at The big 5 International trade fair in Dubai

Decan Sports Equipment participated also this year as an exhibitor at The Big 5 International trade fair in Dubai.

At the show our clients and visitors could see our latest innovations such as our new “railing system” and our new telescopic bleacher design.

At this year’s show we had the pleasure of receiving clients and visitors from more than 20 different countries at our stand.


Thank you for visiting us in Dubai!!


Decan finalist at the La Caixa Entrepreneur awards XXI

Decan Sports Equipment was recently announced finalist in the prestigious  “Entrepeneur awards XXI“ given by “La Caixa” bank. This well respected price is given to high potential companies that have been innovating since their start up.

It has been an honour to be named finalists together with the very best of the best of young innovating Spanish companies.


Thank you !!


Decan ceiling suspended basketball goals

Decan Sports´ day-to-day activity involves the assistance and development of special structures to install our ceiling suspended basketball goals.

The attached photos, for instance, show an installation of multitube basketball goals on a 12m high ceiling with a sub structure passing through a false ceiling that rests completely  folded and flat on the ceiling when not in use.

In many cases in order to know where and how to put up the sub structure, the previous engineering work is more important than the basketball goals themselves, since many times important handicaps come up (different heights, false ceilings, heating or air conditioning installations, lights, etc).

Our basketball goals are controlled by an electrical control box that activates a motor which folds and unfolds them.

In most cases our basketball goals are installed with methacrylate backboards, which give a glass backboard appearance but being much lighter and safer in case of breakage.




Last 21st to 24th of July the Spanish Beach Football Championship took place in the village of  La Albuera in the community of Extremadura, western Spain. The event was held in the sport complex “El Palenque”, where Decan  Sports Equipment supplied the official Beach Football goals for the competition. In the male category the Extremadura team achieved victory against Melilla in a very tight match which ended 6 – 5. Melilla was also represented in the female final where they met Galicia. This battle also ended with the same tight result; 6-5, this time with Galicia as the winning team.


Congratulations to the champions!!!


New improved telescopic bleacher model in production

The new Decan telescopic bleacher design as presented in the last Cologne FSB trade fair has become a reality and are now being produced.

Several sport facilities are already enjoying from this new design, which is even lighter, aesthetically more attractive and stronger that the previous design. (Both models meeting the EN 13200-6 standards) 

In the case illustrated in the picture, the facility is provided with two telescopic bleachers; One of 20,5m and 4 rows, and another of 16,8m and 4 rows. Both with manual operating system, that open and close smoothly thanks to the new platform guiding system.


Telescopic bleacher in Belarus

Next week the new telescopic bleachers installed at Hotel Marriot´s Sports Arena  in Misk (Belarus) will be inaugurated. The event will take place next 3rd of May with a Festival of the well known motor bikes company "Harley Davidson".

The Sports Arena facilities are equipped with 5 and 8 rows telescopic bleachers with anti slip steel floor, VIP seats and intelligent operating system, allowing the different modules to be opened or closed depending of the need for each specific event. This equipment is without doubt a reference in all the region. 

This impressive project, a cooperation between Qatar and Belarus, started in June 2012 and has now entered its final stage of construction. The unique falcon-shaped design was inspired by the logo of the owning company; the falcon is the national bird of Qatar and a symbol of force and courage throughout the Middle East, where falconry is a traditional sport and part of the cultural heritage.

The services of Minsk Marriott Hotel are supplemented by the high-end facilities of the multifunctional sports and entertainment complex, Falcon Club, which comprises a state-of-the-art sports arena for 2,100–4,500 spectators, modern gym, wellness centre with spa services, tennis and squash academy and cinemas.


VIP Team shelters for an important Football Club

Not many companies are able to design and manufacture self-carrying VIP team shelters (without civil works) with the quality that the Spanish first league deserves.

This time it was a team from this league who trusted us with the renovation of all the existing team shelters on their field (teams, referees, press, etc).

Our nanotechnology painting system as well as the possibility of installation of any kind of seat make of our product something special.

For these kinds of clubs public image is very important, something that has been shown in the color election and final touches of the team shelters with their colors and logos.

The modular manufacturing of this shelter has been rewarded with the simplicity and quickness of its assembly.

We are confident that the design, quality and comfort of this fixtures will not go unnoticed by the clubs that visit these facilities, wondering why not to choose these team shelters for their own fields.


New demountable stand installed in a football club

Following its path of supporting Spanish football teams, Decan Sports has designed a stand for an important football team.

Thanks to the versatility of Decan´s designs, the bleachers could be perfectly integrated in the design of the existing cover.

The flexibility of its design allowed the possibility of the stand to be closed all the way around, upon customer request, as well as its personalization with logos.

We would like to thank our customer the trust placed on our company, thus valuing the robustness, the quality of the galvanized materials used and specially the assurance of purchasing a certified product according to the applicable normative.




FSB 2015

Decan Sports Equipment was present as an exhibitor at this year´s edition of the FSB International Trade Fair, celebrated from the 27th to the 30th of October. The Trade Fair for Amenity Areas, Sports and Pool Facilities takes place every two years in the city of Köln in Germany. This year our visitors could among other things see one of the last innovations launched by our company; Our new re-designed telescopic bleacher with intelligent operation system. From here we would like to thank all the people that visited us at our stand and enjoyed our new products.

Thank you very much!


New tribune for 1400 standing spectators

Decan have developed and delivered  a customized tribune for 1400 standing  spectators for a top division European football club. 

The entire stand is made of galvanized steel. It comes with anti slip floor platforms and anti panic handrails, and is produced according to the latest European safety Standards 

A new challenging mission accomplished by our engineering team!  Congratulations!


Decan Sports Equipment at first European Olympics.

Decan Sports Equipment was present at the first ever held European Games that took place in the city of Baku in June .

This European Championship which has also been referred to as the first European Olympics is a multi-sport event for athletes from all over Europe, is held every four years and aspire to be a reference among the big World and Continental Championship events.

Decan Sports Equipment are proud to have delivered equipment to this important event and are especially pleased to have been given the opportunity to contribute with new designs and solutions; We would like to highlight our specially designed Waterpolo team-shelter, consisting of a galvanized steel structure with two seat rows specifically calculated and constructed to support the players weight, anti-slip flooring and aisle, detachable/convertible roof-cover and polycarbonate side and rear covers.

Furthermore, Decan Sports Equipment have also provided the judge chairs for the diving event of the championship, making them in light aluminum and following strictly the specifications and characteristics required for this sport.

Congratulations for the first European Chanpionships!

We will see you again in the next Olympic Games!


Decan Sports celebrates their 2nd anniversary

Sports Equipment Decan have celebrated our second year anniversary and are pleased to see that we are reaching the goals we have sat when successfully selling our products all over the world.

We have completed  many projects - both small and large, demonstrating the quality of our products and working hard to be earning the trust our customers have placed in us.

As a grand finale after two incredible years, the efforts from Decan Sports Equipment have been rewarded with a prestigious recognition from the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Zaragoza;

This year´s winner of the Export Awards, and highlighting our company as an "Exporter Entrepreneur".

From Decan Sports Equipment we would like to thank our customers , suppliers and partners for the confidence you have placed with us. We would like to share this recognition with you and hope that our success will also be yours, MANY THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!



New curved shaped stand

Decan Sports Equipment has sent a new fixed / demountable stand to Saudi Arabia.

The stand has been installed just outside the edge of an athletic running track and has been tailor made to follow exactly the same curved shape, something that few companies in the world can carry out with this precision.

In this case we are talking about a 317m long stand, 1.662 linear meters, with 5 or 6 rows, depending on the module and with 2.920 seats (delivered in 3 individual colours which have been randomly distributed by the architect). The whole stand-structure has been galvanized and painted with nano technology system, and the anti-slip platforms are made of galvanized steel.

The handrails have been supplied with our optional integrated fixing system, which makes the rear part of the stand completely smooth (hand rail supports are not "sticking out" as when fixed through an exterior/outside solution), stronger, and with an even more aesthetically attractive appearance


Decan Sports Equipment at the BIG5 exhibition in Dubai

Decan Sports Equipment was present with a stand at the BIG5 exhibition in Dubai. This international exhibition took place from the 17th to the 20th of November 2014. The exhibition has been a great success for us with lots of visitors. We were also pleased to receive the Spanish Minister of Economy and Competitiveness Mr De Guindos at our stand.

We would like to express our gratitude to all our visitors for their kind attention and great interest showed for our company and products.

Thank you!!


New intelligent bleacher supplied in Spain

Decan Sports Equipment has supplied two 6 row telescopic bleachers to a prestigious private school in Spain. The bleachers are 27 and 34 m long.

Equipped with light beige front panel boards and continuous seating made of the same material, the bleachers blend in with the hall surroundings, contributing to a clean and minimalist style.

The bleachers are supplied with our Intelligent System, guaranteeing a smooth and flawless operation. The bleachers are controlled using a small tablet and Remote Customer Support is also provided with direct connection to our technical office in Zaragoza.


New VIP team shelters

Decan Sports have supplied their new VIP team shelters to a prestigious Saudi Arabian football team.

The team shelters were sent almost totally assembled from our factory, making the final assembly more comfortable for our client.
Each of the two team shelters are 8m long and our client now enjoys a total of 24 comfortable VIP seats.

What is an Intelligent Control System?

Decan Sports Equipment are equipping their telescopic bleachers with a so-called "Intelligent Control System".

"So what is so intelligent about it?" you might ask.

Some key words when answering this question are: Programmable, Automatic Adjustment, Control, Precision, Smoothness, Reliability, User-friendliness, Aesthetics, Lower installation costs...

Do you want more info? Please, visit our blog where you could find out more information.

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Sport Equipment with nano technology

Decan Sports Equipment is now using nano technology in their production system.

Do you want more info? Please, visit our blog where you could find out more information.

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Decan Sports 1 year anniversary

Decan Sports Equipment are pleased to announce that we have now moved into new offices where we will be even better prepared to provide our clients with the service and attention that you deserve. Our offices are overlooking a brand new and highly automated painting hall which through advanced painting technology will be used to give our products the latest also in protection and finish. We are looking forward to be receiving you here shortly!.


Latest photos from Saudi Arabia

We are pleased to present the latest photos of our stand in Saudi Arabia, this time totally assembled!

It is a pity that we cannot see the entire extension of the tribune, but it is difficult to take a photo of a 100 m long tribune with 11 rows...

Congratulations to our client´s installation team and to Al-Orobah Football Club for their well assessed purchase decision! 


Who is installing these goals in Aragon?

Decan Sports Equipment! Of Course!


Real or 3D Design?

We in Decan Sports Equipment are working with our products in 3D graphics and are basing many of our stress simulations and other tests on these designs. From time to time we also public illustrations or "pictures" in 3D design or combine real photos with computer designs. It might therefore in occasions be difficult to identify what is real and what is computer generated in the "photos".

What is certain is that when a product is developed in 3D, the client will see it exactly how the final result will be. It is even possible to rotate the product and see it from any angle or perspective or zoom in on any detail you wish. This is what marks the difference in Decan Sports Equipment; Our clients know exactly what they are buying - even if the product is specially designed or adapted and have never been produced before.

Can you tell in which of the below photos you are seeing images of real basketball units and in which you are seeing computer generated 3D images?


What happened with the Saudi Arabia bleacher sent last month?

Finally we have some news about the bleacher! Here there are some instalation photos, that give us a small idea about how huge the facility is. We are looking forward to new photos from our client showing the final result, that will be amazing!


New portable telescopic bleacher delivered in Aragon

Short description: 24 m long divided in 6 individual modules of 6 rows. The bleacher can turn 360º and is easily transported or moved with a pallet truck. It was delivered completely assembled.

The development of this solution came as a response to our clients wish to increase the versatility and profitability of their existing installation. The bleachers will be used for certain events where it is necessary to increase the capacity of the hall, but the modules are at the same designed to be easily transported to a storage room occupying a minimum amount of space. 

The delivery of the bleachers completely assembled enabled our client to maintain the normal activity level of the installations and this way avoiding any inconvenience for the users. With these totally portable bleacher modules the client can use them in other installations whenever necessary, or use them in front of a stage to create a small theatre space with perfect view for the spectators.




Decan Sports sent a 2000 expectators stand to Saudi Arabia

Decan Sports sent a demountable stand for a football pitch in Saudi Arabia. Our client took advantage of our long experience in making this type of technically complex equipment, where we are also providing  resistance tests and complying with all the up to date regulations.

Thank you for your trust!



New basketball backboard frame

Decan Sports developed a new basketball backboard frame that supports the backboard in all it perimeter. This system allows fix the ring directly to the basketball goal structure, without transmitting weight to the backboard.



New high jump landing area cover

Decan Sports developed a new aluminum high jump landing area very easy to asemble, low cost transport, and extremely light, what make it comfortable to use.


Telescopic bleacher simulation

Decan Sports always make previous product simulations with 3D technologies. We show you an example.


Decan Sports presentation

What Decan Sports is?


Decan Sports Equipment at the FSB fair 2013

Decan Sports Equipment was present with a stand at the recently held FSB International Trade Fair in Cologne, Germany. The company presented some of the newly developed products along with upcoming releases for 2014. This international exhibition dedicated to sports equipment took place from the 22nd to the 25th of October 2013.

We would like to express our gratitude to all our visitors for their kind attention and great interest showed for our company and products.

Thank you!!



New team shelter design.

The new team shelters fabricated by Decan Sports Equipment have been designed in accordance with the corresponding norms and regulations, using the latest technologies and following strictly internal and external quality standards.
The flexibility of the construction system makes the benches user-friendly, fully configurable and adaptable for any length. The ground clearance is of more than 2m. The assembly system is based on modules and is delivered flat packed facilitating an economical transport.


New Decan catalogue

Decan Sport Equipment have just released a new catalogue. You can find it in pdf format here on our web page. Go into the "products" section and then click on the  ".pdf" icon to download it.


Demountable bleacher

Decan Sports shows how to asemble the newly developed demountable stand, quick and easy. 


Video Decan Arasaf

Decan Sports has released a short promotional video, where you can see some of our production facilities.



Decan Sport Equipment will be present with a stand in the upcoming FSB Exhibition. This International exhibition dedicated to sport equipment is taking place in the German city of Cologne. We will be pleased to receive you at our stand N-050, hall 11.2, between the 22nd and 25th of October! 

[18 de Junio de 2013]

New Web

Today the web page of Decan Sports Equipment was launched. The company has however already been active for some time, and we would like to use the opportunity to express our gratitude for the warm and welcoming reception we have received both in the national as well as the international market. We will do our very best to live up to the expectations, bring you top quality, innovative sports equipment and provide you with the service and attention that you deserve.

Thank You!!

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